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Gay for Pay hasn't necessarily ruined gay porn, but it's certainly not hot. In , director Gino Colbert said of the self-professed odd man out of porn:. I've heard he got married and became a father, but I also recall seeing and have it somewhere an escort ad he placed in one of NYC's gay rags probably 15 years ago. They are still together and happy. That's why many tops saving bottoming for the end of their careers.

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No wonder why he had to high tail it outta of it. He always had such a fresh look, like he was doing dirty movies while on spring break and really counting on his parents never finding out. God you are so full of shit it's coming out of your eyeballs. It's insane how long he can prolong the inevitable, whether that means him stuffing his massage victim or getting his client so hot and bothered he has to provide the opposite service. Even did bondage in Abduction Straight celebs do it, why wouldn't a gay one?

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Take Jestset, it's last film Jersey Bore only featured a gay for pay cast, No gay men at all. He had a Marlboro Man machismo and, as I've said before, Jack Wrangler had one of the industry's best-ever danglers. If it makes you happy and make you feel good and it doesn't hurt anyone else or isn't illegal, have it at. It had narration on it kinda dimmly lit. Most porn stars aren't exactly stable or educated people to begin with so it's not like they are going on to medical or law school. I think there is so much in the archive of gay porn, no more needs to be made. My favorite was when he bottomed for Brodie Sinclair.
I think he did loops in the s more than actual, full-length movies. Sounds like he's crazy like a fox to get people like you to diss him and thereby publicize him when you know nothing about him. When he probably was more interested in making a living and getting his kicks as a fringe benefit. Charles Dera is just another dick in straight porn. He's also been fantasizing for 25 years about a straight guy who used to be his neighbor. It was mostly bears in it. A lot of them go into porn, is that correct?

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